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ode to lube

What follows is a work of collaborative poetry. I threw down a gauntlet for Dana from my gorgeous somewhere the other day. She is constantly making comments about lube, so I said, hey, lets write a line by line about lube. So, she put up a post on The Poetry Collaborative and off we went to lubesville for the afternoon. Enjoy!!! Also, check out the comments of the original post for our educational and entertaining discussion while writing this together!

ode to lube

between my legs, you work
your moistening mimicry

so I cry at the rhythm
persuaded out of me.

break through resistance
to water-based intimacy.

clear and viscous: do not
abide by those who deny

entry to fingers, to silicone.
without you, we are free

to smell and taste desire
but not to ride the sweet

pulse of another, the fine
caudled intermingling

of bodies pumping toward
a flourish. certain finality

of moaning contractions
flanks muscles and lubricity.

somewhere between echo
and stutter comes release

as one of your loosed droplets
glides down the side of your bottle.

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