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An Open Letter to John Berryman

April 5, 2007

I understand that impulse –
writing yourself in two, placing
all your darker emotions
into verse, putting the gun’s
cold metal to your temple
and pulling the trigger with words.

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Ghetto Library

One room, the size of a fast
food resteraunt dining area,
and people waiting for
the next broken computer

to become available. Books
dog eared and tired line shelves
out of order, and magazines
like Ebony and Cosmo
fly off the shelves
and out the door without

going thru the check out.
What is here but the runoff
of knowledge offered so
poorly to those who
need it most.


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Without a Name

Covered and coveted,
you are hidden almost
all the time. Only a few

people will ever see
or appreciate the warmth
and beauty that

imminates from the folds
the compose you. Once,
I felt your warmth

and knew that I would
return here, that this
is where I will live.


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I’m lost to you

She woke one morning with the words
floating in a flat paper bubble
above her head. She suddenly

noticed: she is no longer her own.
She had known it in her arms,
her legs, her skin all week bubbled
and tingled without any coaxing,

and her mind finaly caught up today
to the yearnings of the rest of her.


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Valentine’s Heart

It’s just a little, an incosequential
thing, a blip on the radar, the beat

of a heart so light but stubborn beneath

the surface of skin. It stopped one day
for you, it stops all the time for

reasons unknown. It stops for its own

pleasure, it stops for my pain. Once,
she said my skin was so soft at the base

of my throat, just above that treacherous

organ. (and hearing it stoped it, to.) How
little a thing to cause so much in the span

of a life: It also stops to bring me death.


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Corpse Pose

Yoginis are better than lovers – (a bumper sticker)

They’ve stood behind you, pulling at your hips with a towel until your feet raise off the floor. They’ve demanded that you twist and flex yourself into pose after pose. Now, your body glazed in a sheen of sweat, they ask you to lie on the floor while they dim the lights. If you need a pillow or a blanket, they are there to meet your needs. They coo calming words and mantras. They help you restore.


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Changes and Poetry Thursday

Poetry Thursday opened a site of their very own this week, and it is wonderful. In appreciation, here is a poem about change…


She tugged at the corners and then rolled
the thin, limp fabric into a ball. As she hoisted
it off the bed, it fluttered with the sound
of new winds. She tossed it into the basket

and sent it off to the laundry before
pulling crisp new cotton out of a closet.

She streatched across the bed to tuck
the corners in, paying close attention
to the smooth surface she creates, the sharp
fold at each corner. Later, there will be time

for homework, later she can get out of this
apron but for now, she’s changing the sheets.


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