Hiding in plain sight

We are all writers, lovers, philosophers, poets, lusting, needing, thinking, believers, jerks, innocents, devils, psychos, theives, addicts, confused, brilliant, hungry, satiated, stunted, sly, tired, and illuminated in our own ways. 

As a writer, I have always wanted to explore these.  That is what I think this blog is striving for.

I love when bloggers write discriptions of themselves as lists.  I love to read these descriptions and think which numbers apply to me.  My mind cannot work like that, though.  I suppose I could put numbers throughout this, but it would be a lie, and as a recovering compulsive liar, I try not to do that.

I have a need for physical contact.  I tend to turn the bodies of people around me into objects.  Not objects to be looked at, but to be touched.  I touch everything I see.  This puts some people off.  It is not a sexual thing, I touch papers, books, coffee cups, tables, and trees the same way I touch people.  I just need to touch things.  I guess you could say I’m tactile. 

For a passifist, the things I write have a greatly violent side.  While I’d rather sit in the street quietly as a police officer beats me than fight back, the characters in the work I write have no problem with flesh and blood.  Teachers in workshops have always taken note of this, and I don’t know why it is.

I’ve been trying to get published, but all I’ve gotten is good at handling rejection.  I’m not good at dishing rejection out, though.   I get fooled into agreeing to things I shouldn’t often.  Too often.  I owe no one anything. 

Breakfast is the smallest meal I eat everyday, but I still eat it.  Thursdays are the shortest runs I do (4-5 mi.), but I still get up at 5 am.  What I want to say is that the little things count.  I love the details and the devils they hold.  It’s the poet’s soul in this ribcage.

I should be working…

9 responses to “Hiding in plain sight

  1. What a powerful opening paragraph.
    It is also my point of view/belief – but I have never articulated it as well as that.

  2. Your writing left a good taste in my mouth. Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes, and yours fit tonight.

  3. This is a fantastic introduction. I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll/ friends surfer etc. 🙂

  4. Amazing.. I read this intro after some of your pieces, and I’m hooked. So approachable and sure.

    Can’t wait for more.. keep the pen up!

  5. I can understand the need for touching.
    ‘I guess you could say I’m tactile’

    So yes,
    of course,
    you’re amazing.

  6. I found your work in a slow ramble this afternoon, and enjoyed it. Especially this page. You are right about the little things…the details, and the devils they hold. Loved that.

  7. Sweet pea, you inspired my American Sentence in the Read.Write.Poem comments, so thank you!

    (But MAN do you need some spellcheckification! Or the typos are going to keep distracting those of us who can’t turn off our automatic internal editor.)

  8. Or keep all you spell checkers intrigued and reading!

    And thanks quid.

  9. seaswell

    hi there

    thanks for the blogroll add – i just surfed around your page and it’s refreshing to read about another writer putting herself out there.


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