She is your little wooden
doll. Her smile perpetually
cheery, hair perfectly smooth.

Her clothes are pressed, well detailed,
they cling to her frame. See her round
waist, how it curves in, but not too much.

Her glossy finish flashes in the light: she shines.

Without any effort, you get inside her
outer layer. Behind each ornate finish,
you find another to peel, she comes apart

in halves: First her shirt, second her pants.

She is so much smaller now, but still
you sense more. The rest of her

rattles inside this well finished
soft nude façade.

You can pry and pull this seemed
woman for years. Each time, you find

something essential, a truth
you had no other way of knowing

until before you she stands

solid where she was

once hollow.


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2 responses to “Matryoshka

  1. oh, i love this! section II is wonderful, wonderful!

    i have a set of those dolls on my mantel and i’ve never been able to write about them.

    great piece!

  2. very good writing here…enjoyed the post very much.

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