You can buy it on the TV

You’ve been waiting for this.
They brought you boiled eggs
in yellow plastic holders

from the altar of your microwave.
They’ve insured you
never have to be without
the safety of your cacoon.

Once, you bought a cure
for your rough feet, your acne,
your dry lips, your flabby tummy/thighs/arms/

But now, they’ve done it.
The one thing you’ve always dreamed
of, Tinman. It’s beating, it’s waiting
for your call, your credit
card number, your four easy payments
of 19.95.

It will move inside you.
It will fill up space.


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3 responses to “You can buy it on the TV

  1. I don’t know how I missed this poem Slynne
    but it really is brilliant
    and really struck a chord with me.

    Could I ‘Poem Favouréd’ it?
    Pretty please?

  2. of course! sorry I haven’t been on in a while!

  3. It’s fine and it isn’t at the same time.

    I’ve been much the same in neglecting,
    however, been having a rough time of it recently
    with a bit of a lack of words.

    Here’s to your safe return.

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