I’ve been absent…

In that time, I got fat again. This happened because I stopped running. I stopped running because I was falling out of love and didn’t want to think about it.

I was asked to read at a poetry reading in November, but they had second thoughts about it. When I got there they told me that I am a little self refrencing and immature. They wanted me to watch these tendencies as I read. I wanted to punch one of them in the face.

All of this made me think of my poetry. I am self refrencing. But I think that this plays into my belief about poetry and community. Poets originally worked for their community. They told news stories, stories of great battles, stories of noble marraiges. When the printing press came along, news no longer had to be carried by minstrels and poets.

When I do a reading, it is mostly local, and mostly populated by people I know. They enjoy hearing these poems. Also, I am not always the I character in these poems. I like to use the I because it feels immediate.

Anyhow, Bah on them. I am a good poet. Bastards.


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3 responses to “I’ve been absent…

  1. oh, that commentary from the people at the reading would set me on fire, too. wow!

    and, by the way, we have a lot in common. as we already knew. if i don’t run, i gain weight. (and often it’s related to how i feel in my relationships.) and i disappear some.

    it’s nice to hear your voice and know that you’re running with me and the rest of the crazy chicks.

    people get cranky with me when i say this about myself but i say, “not bad for a fat girl.” and what i mean is “i’m rockin’ it enough to kick your ass.”

    you. rock.


  2. “from the altar of your microwave”

    I am glad you know…keep on writing!

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