a specific lonliness

I am experiencing
a you specific
lonliness. It is a need

for things left
undone. You are
all hands and toungue
and voice in motion.

You are comfort, desire;
you are contentment
and passion.

You are my need.
Come home.


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7 responses to “a specific lonliness

  1. “a need for things left undone.” that’s a great line.

  2. You really do a great job of expressing longing here.

  3. Deb

    Such clear need. The “you” need. You make the simple, so clear.

  4. Did they come home? Cause I’d have.

  5. i love this too. what a perfect last line.

  6. Oh frig, this is so palpable, so quietly urgent…your needs are your needs, I hope you never extinguish them…

    Poet Man

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