Lament for a Modern Danae (DRAFT-A-LICIOUS)


There were nights of motion, of wetness,
of weeping and pleasure, of ghasping for air.

Once, she lived in desire. She woke in the night
to the feel of you between her legs. You were

her Zeus, your hand sliding into her was a shaft
of moonlight melding her life to yours, creating in her

a divine pregnancy. The love you left there
was her salvation, her down fall.


Looking at you, no one would know your divinity.
She could see it from the moment she first saw you

standing outside her house in the snow, slamming
the door of a rusty truck, it’s creaking was

the sound of the muses that proclaimed your presence.
Months later, you left Perseus in your wake, her love

without a body to hold it, faltered, failed
to live up to the demi-god as it was formed.


Your Danae, with seven bite marks on her back
moves thru the world, different. The damage

you left, the bites, purple marks that you lift her shirt
to show another lover; the strange pattern of welts,

the shape of a whip at her hip. Feathering moonlight
between the legs every week, calling her back.


Filed under Frustrations and Rants, lust and love, poetry, The muse

4 responses to “Lament for a Modern Danae (DRAFT-A-LICIOUS)

  1. Really love this one, Slynne.

  2. if this is what comes after “unable,” i say bring it on! 🙂

    sorry you were feeling that way. i’m just catching up with everyone, blog-wise. it stinks to feel so far away from the writing and the pals. but they’re always right where you left them. when you’re ready. (and even when you’re not.)

  3. deb

    That’s what I was thinking, too, what Carolee said.

    This is incredible. Startling. I love the last poem the best– showing wounds to another lover. Crap. Dynamic.

  4. Good stuff!

    Strange aside – I first read the title as “Lament for a Modern Dance”. I might write that one myself 😉

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