Like condoms for your head

Sometimes, it is not enough
to protect ourselves only
from sperm, from vaginal

secertion, from precum. Sometimes,
we must also protect ourselves
from damaging thoughts
our loves may have. They may be

unartistic, or Republicans, they may
consistantly tell us we are wrong,

but the rythm and soul of the sex
is so good, we cannot leave. When this
is the case, please
protect yourself.

for $19.95, you can buy this:
a simple hoodie that,
with the hood up, works
like a condom for your head.

Protection from those words,
from destruction, from a strange
inability to say no.


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7 responses to “Like condoms for your head

  1. Yes, baby. Yes!

    (See, I can’t say “no” to you! what a strange inability of mine.)

  2. this is a great idea. 🙂 but only $19.95? you’re selling your thoughts short! this is worth a million.

  3. This reads so well, you have no idea. Or you do, probably.

  4. and i can say “I was there when she wrote it” ha ha!

    good stuff!

  5. This is so good. And your reading of it was spectacular.

  6. It also keeps one from spurting out something they may regret later. Great piece!

  7. I am impressed with the second poem read from your blog. Good work.

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