Heartbreak seems funny

What is this thing we all obsess about:
strings of protiens forming fibers,
brilliant red of blood rushing thru
walls and ventricles, arteries,
blue veins and motion like

the felx of a lover’s hand
on your flesh. What is the ache
of being wrong about love compared
to waiting in sterile blue stainless steel
chairs, the pulse of flourescent
lighting and waiting for a surgeon’s smile?

After the tip of a scalple rips
thru the thick walls of an organ,
after waiting to know odds of survival,
after this true fear, what is anything.


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4 responses to “Heartbreak seems funny

  1. shantaemarlinda

    Wow. This was great. I loved the imagery you provided. You’re a wonderful writer.

  2. You ask a fundamental question here.

  3. this is wonderful, my friend, really! and i’m so sorry you’re sitting in that place having to put these things in perspective.

    very good poem though!

  4. Beck

    Wow Stacey. Really, wow. I hope today is going well for your dad.

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