Notes on my reading, my heart, my body, my life

My reading with Peripatetic Poets was Sunday, and though I was noticibly nervous, I did ok. Here is the list of what I read….
Tracks to cover
Perpetual motion
Slaughterer’s Hook
I can pull out my own seams better than anyone
What I learned from Zombie Porn
Casual Sex
Morning After Pill
Sex with someone new
an ode to lube
the fuck buddy
An open letter to Alison, studying art in Italy
An open lover to an ex-lover stationed in Iraq
The Cardiologist
A light Dusting
The reasons she gave when slitting her wrists from wrist to elbow didn’t work
Her own Jesus
A very young woman with enormous wings
Lonnie Childers
I’m lost to you
When we tried bondage
The center

A few notes:

1.) I was reading along with a woman commanly referred to as the grande dame of Columbus poetry. Before the reading, she told me she was nervous about reading a poem about McCain. I told her not to worry, as I was reading lots of poems with graphically sexual titles. She loved it.

2) Afterward, one of the older women there came up to me and said that she got really excited before the reading because someone told her that I read pornographic poems, and that her husband had died five years ago, and she really needed some porn. She said that I did not disappoint and she loved it. I loved her for it.

3) A good friend sent me a really sweet email afterward that made me happy. It meant a lot to me.

4) I need to do more longer readings, I need to get better at it. I need to write more.

OK, in non reading related news… I worked 12 hours today. Yay overtime. I need a part time job. And I am thinking that the vintage picture on my vintage copy of Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus (my perinnial fave erotica) would make a kick ass tattoo.

This is all that is in my head and heart right now. I’ve said it all.


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12 responses to “Notes on my reading, my heart, my body, my life

  1. Glad to hear it went well. That is a formidable list of poems.

  2. Yay. Sounds fab. I had to do my first on Friday and we had a tutorial about what to do……everything I was taught went straight out the window, I was crapping myself. The only thing I managed was good eye contact, the rest was eeeeeeeeeeeeek. But you got great feedback. Go you. I wish I could have been there.

  3. You read so much! I would have fled after two. It sounds like you pleased the audience. I’ve read a few times. I’m noticeably nervous and can barely manage intermittent eye contact. I wish I could’ve been there. You’ll let me know about the next reading right?

  4. Thoughts:

    1. “Afterward, one of the older women there came up to me and said that she got really excited before the reading because someone told her that I read pornographic poems, and that her husband had died five years ago, and she really needed some porn.”

    I love that. LOVE IT.

    2. We should do a virtual reading and post it on The Poetry Collaborative. Don’t you think?

    3. You have one hell of a book there. I’d buy it. I’d buy just the damn TOC page.

  5. As always, you impress me. So sorry I missed it.

  6. quase, thank you for the comment. Some readers explain each poem and chat a lot, but me, I fire them at them like a freaking machiene gun. lol.

    Jo, I bet you were a fantastic reader. What did you read?

    Nathan, I will definately get the word to you better next time. I just realized that I tagged a note to you onto a reply to a thread you were not included in. Doh!

    Dana, thank you again, and yes, I think a virtual reading would be faboo. I think we should all be recorded reading where we normally write.

    Brandi, you were missed, per usual. Always.

  7. I’ve said it elsewhere, but I’ll say it here too – your reading was excellent, in spite of nerves. For some odd reason, I was terrified just doing the one poem in the Open Mic. Guess it’s just been too long since I’ve read. You’re coming to Larry’s next week, yes? Samantha and I are going – she promises to read too.

    And, pssst, I posted a sex poem on my blog today. Just saying, cuz you’re so good with the sex poems…..

  8. I have a poem about Bill O’Reilly I’m dying to read.

    And you have so many “needs” in your post! You need to go a little easier on yourself, perhaps!

  9. sex poems, next monday……

  10. sorry I’m so slow getting back here. I’m changing to a new blog, and it’s been tedious.

    How nice about the woman who wanted your poems to make her all squishy and warm. Good for you.

    That’s a lot of poems, a real event. A chapbook. Your audience must have loved it.

    Congrats. Hope all is well.

  11. You all better now? Hope so, I need some Slynne poems.

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