Tracks to Cover

That winter snow piled up
to hip level. Every morning,
I broke the trail, pushing

my mountainous body thru
heavily drifted snow, glaciers
clinging to the wool of my gloves.

They all followed the wide path
left in my wake. A thin layer
of ice lay on the top of the snow,

creaking to break as I passed thru
solitary for these moments, traveling
thru trees and shrubery. Clear and textured,

its window distorted what was revealed
below. Years later, I travel these streets
breaking a path, my body now cuts

thru like a knife, though there is no one
to follow my tracks. My windows
are frosted, and my trail from lover

to lover is deep and uncharted.
Its been years since anyone
pushed their face against

the ice like window to my life,
but still, I turn back
I cover my tracks.


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6 responses to “Tracks to Cover

  1. The structure here is amazing. I love the way the poem turns on the window of ice, brings us to the present and its sense of distance. You’re such a great poet.

  2. Beck

    Wow Stacey, just wow! As you know I really know little about poetry but yours just seems so natural to me. It flows so well and the words and concepts are put together so well.

  3. “Its been years since anyone / pushed their face against / the ice like window to my life”

    This is so beautiful, fragile and tender, Slynne. I love it. I love you for writing it.


  4. I like this one a lot. The past and present are so clearly separate, but so connected. Very nice!

    You’ve been quite prolific lately, my friend. I am proud of you 🙂

  5. Thank you both. I’m actually thinking of reading this at my reading.

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