Readying to Run

It’s the morning again. Breezes invade
thru open windows, but I am alone
again. I pull on my lime green shorts,
my purple bra. I drink gatorade

and do not miss some meaning
in every movement. Thirteen miles
are all that’s between me
and my self. Once, there was something
more than these sounds, this passion
for something so pointless, something
noone knows but me. Once, I rallied,

I faced down officers pointing tear gas
at me, I held my ground. I shouted.
I marched. Once, I saw the good,
I saw the purpose in every moment
of being still. Once, I held a girl
in my arms until I could no longer

tell where her body stopped and mine
started. Once I fought to be sure I was
heard. But now, now I pull on my shoes,
tuck a key into the tiny pocket
on my water bottle, and take
to the streets. I’ll just run

until it all fades away, so that I can feel
the motion, the impact. So I am free.


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8 responses to “Readying to Run

  1. The detail in this is really great, and the contrast of before and after…quite poignant.

  2. I love the voice here. Great ending too.

  3. Thank you both. It started as another poem, but it became what it wanted to be.

  4. A beautiful attempt to revitalize the sacred that is often lost in protest.

  5. Wow, thank you! It can be odd the places life takes people.

  6. Beck

    “Once, I held a girl
    in my arms until I could no longer

    tell where her body stopped and mine

    I love this… it.

  7. I love the transition between the first and second stanzas!


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