An Important Announcement (sort of)

OK, first things first.

I have a reading at 7:00 om on Sept. 28, at Areopetegitca Books in Clingonville, OH. The Series is called Peripatetic Poets. What should I read? I’ve got a list, but I need to add to it. I’ve been practicing.

Also, I did a wordle with my poem, The Center…

Finally…. Check it out, we saved Bitch.

The world IS a better place!


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5 responses to “An Important Announcement (sort of)

  1. Woohoo.

    That is fab news.

    Can you record it?


  2. I can try and record it Jo.

    I am wanting to read some of the collaborative poems I have been a part of at the reading. All credit will be given, of course. Is that ok? I’ll also send out an email.

    I am really excited.

  3. Weird…I happened upon your blog by accident…I used to live in Columbus!

    Yay for the bookstores and coffeeshops there! I miss Stauf’s and Acorn books….

  4. Have fun with the reading.

    One suggestion would be Perpetual Motion but it may not be appropriate for the venue.

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