An open letter to the girl I never flirt with

September 6, 2008

I saw you today. This morning the air
held a chill and you were wearing a jacket
and holding a cigarette. I wanted to ask
you for a hit of it just to touch my lips

to that place where yours rested. I wanted
to ask you something outrageous, to touch
the place where your jacket hem unravels. We don’t
know eachother, and when you come around

I look down, I talk, waving hands, glancing
at you, to everyone else. I can feel
the words I want to say, the motions
my body naturally makes, I can feel

it supressed. You won’t talk to me, either.
You take in my glances, my hesitation,
you take in the skirt I wear, you take in
me, and see someone else. I don’t bother

to combat it, I just keep my distance
choking on the desire to kiss you.


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7 responses to “An open letter to the girl I never flirt with

  1. Slynne,
    you’ve captured something that I always find so hard. And you’ve done it with that perfect honesty that I love you for.

  2. Wow. You get to the close of this and that word “choking” just constricts, focuses the desire in this poem. Wonderful.

  3. Gorgeous……yes, Nathan is bang on, the use of choking is inspired. Love it.

  4. analyticali

    a top-notch poem slynne.
    i think it captures the inside of all of us who only yearn regardless of the target of our affections.

  5. i like this!

    btw, i read that collaborative lube poem you mentioned last night…i don’t know how you all do the collaborative stuff so well, but it’s fun to read.

    let’s get together and talk poetry soon!

  6. Z: Thank you my friend. I like that you can feel the honesty in this.

    Nathan and Deb: thanks for stopping in. I’m glad you liked the use of choked. I thought it would come across either really well, or really bad. I’m glad it works

    Ali: Thanks again! I know you know about yearning.

    And Nathan, as we live in the same city I feel that I should take you out for a coffee or beer and Haze you for my pocoing sisters, just to get you fully indocternated…

    Just kidding. Sort of.

  7. No one mentioned hazing when I joined up with the PoCo. But I’ll do what I have to do.

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