Sex with someone new (final?)

Seriously, This is my final draft… Really! Its another take on the EC poem I wrote with her witchiness The Polka Dot Witch

I will reach for the skin, the flesh of another.
Variety entices, but I always prolong this

yearning for unfamiliar skin, for teeth
nipping away at bits of flesh, discovering
your temptation until it’s impossible to know
time from place, limb from limb. See in me the girl who

runs her fingernails down your spine, presses breasts
against breasts. Hold on to me –
I’m slowly sliding hands up your legs, you
will never guess how much to trust, how long

to stay. Light me with your small flame of a mouth,
the tiniest blaze ignites this pyre and leaves my past
only as ash – use your fingers, mark my face

with sooty stripes. I will take
this warrior stance, this posture of holy
strength and verve. Say my name:

It sparks on your tongue.


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7 responses to “Sex with someone new (final?)

  1. kateroo

    WOW! This is fantastic. really really well written, coiled little masterpiece. The only suggestion I have is that the ending just be “It sparks,” Because the tongue is implied and there’s a little more sass.. but that’s just me. It’s a wonderful poem!

  2. I agree.
    Really excellent.

    Would I be hoping too much in saying you’d found a new muse?

  3. Ah, Katie, thank you for the comment. I can see what you mean by “it sparks”

    And Zaphod! Hello my friend! And all I will say is perhaps.

  4. Beck

    I’ve read this about 40 times now! I don’t know what to say because it surfaces so many feelings. So, I will just say it is wonderful, and turns me on!

  5. Damn, this is extraordinary.

  6. Well then
    ‘Perhaps’ I have too…

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