A little honesty never hurt anyone

I’ve been studk in a rut lately, but a recent post over at mygorgeoussomewhere kicked me on the ass mad made me say, I wanna do that too.

So, tomorrow… All day tomorrow.

Ask me anything, anything you want: I will answer. Honestly.

Just like dear Dana says in her rules, I will hold three chances to plea the fifth, but other than that I’m all answers.

And here’s a pretty button!

100 percent honest day!!!


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36 responses to “A little honesty never hurt anyone

  1. This is perfect. We just sent the button along in case you want to include it in your post. 🙂

    Don’t delete this! Smooches.

  2. You have to be honest in the real world all day, too.

  3. Aye Aye, but then I’m usually fairly honest!

  4. First question: When are you most tempted not to be honest? Why?

  5. Oh goodness, someone had to, huh.

    I’m most tempted not to be honest when people ask me how much weight I lost… a number of years ago, I weighed over 325lbs. I lost LOTS of it really quickly just by exercizing and being careful about eating. I gained back a lot, though, when I was getting over my breakup this winter, so there it is.

    Also, when people ask if I still speak to LK. I do.

  6. So, blythe, when are you most tempted not to be honest?

  7. polkadotwitch

    slynne, i love the poetry you write about relationships and sex. it’s all very edgy. love it. would you describe yourself as edgy?

  8. Lol, Polka, I have edge, but it is very friendly edge.

    So, yes, I am fairly edgy.

    Sometimes, girls like me have to define themselves.

    I am a girlie, punkish, tattooed, caring, friendly, outgoing yet introverted, queenish, lesbian.

    I used to say I was bi. I honestly believed it. But then I fell in love with LK. And I relized that I never really liked guys. In all honsety, I should have known. Penetration never did anything for me sexually.

    Not that LK was my first girlfriend. I had a girlfriend before I ever dated a guy. But, that’s me.

    So yes, I am edgy, but mostly its that I’m very open. I think sex is incerdibly beautiful, so I am not afraid to put it in my art.

  9. I find it kind of interesting that today is Honesty Day, and yesterday I was writing about lies….

  10. polkadotwitch

    slynne — i am doing the “i worship you” thing with my hands above my head doing the deep bow thing. you rock honesty day!

    i see lots of possible poems in your comment, most notably for me: “girls like me have to define themselves.” that would rock. and i know you said you’ve been stuck in a rut. maybe there are bread crumbs here getting you back, although your theseus piece proves you’re ready to roll.

    new honest question (because i am getting tattoed after i lose a bunch of weight. which could be never): what tattoos do you have and where?

  11. I LOVE getting assignments, I am on it!

  12. I find your honesty about sexuality very refreshing, also how fluid your self-concept is, and self-accepting.

    How old were you when you realized you liked girls? My sister is lesbian, but didn’t come out until she was 25. That’s when she told me too. We’re a year apart.

  13. I had my first girlfriend when I was 14, but before that I had a “make out” female friend when I was 10-12. We would kiss in the nursery at church. Pretty Ballsy. She’s straight with the hubby and kids now.

    I guess it really hit home at 12, when I was standing in the lunch line and a friend who was angry with my called me a dyke. She later wrote a note applogising. I had no idea what the word meant, but my mother found the note and played 50 questions about it with me. I remember thinking it was strange, but it was life.

  14. Tattooed? HOT.

    Here’s the truth: Penetration never does anything for anyone sexually. My husband’s dick could fall off tomorrow, and our sex would still be just as good. (OK, maybe not *quite* as good for him.)

  15. Lol. I can see that, but sex and also the emotional connection are both way better, for me (probably being a lesbian has a LOT to do with this) with women.

    Also, with another woman, sex has a much more creative bent. There is no getting trapped in the ages old ways of doing things. I have done a lot, I guess.

    *** those who are afraid of reading too much, stop reading here!!!

    Also, I find penetration with a woman VERY satisfying. Umm, yeah.

  16. Slynne: I (honestly!) don’t outright lie very much (anymore). But whenever people ask if I’ve done something I’m about to do, I usually say yes. And even though I don’t outright lie, I’m good at covering things up/not mentioning things, especially relating to me, personally. I divert attention well, leave people with the wrong impression without ever lying.

    Questions: First, I echo Carolee’s question: what tattoos do you have and where? Tell us about your best friend: why you like ’em. What is your poetry writing process like? How do you get ideas? What’s your favorite part of it? Your least favorite?

  17. WHOA.

    Okay I totally HAD to comment particularly in regard to the last thing posted.

    For the record, I used to be ambivalent about penetrative sex. Now, I CRAVE it. I won’t say I can’t get off without it, but now that I’ve figured out what works for me, it totally works. So, generalizing that penetrative sex doesn’t do “anything for anyone” is, well, wrong. Because it does something for me. I could go more into the female anatomy, but that’s just the geek in me raring to come out. If anyone cares, I’ll share. Let me say this though – its okay if penetrative sex doesn’t do it for you. But that’s not the case for everyone.

    Anyway, question for you my dear. You asked me such a thoughtful one… hmm…

    Are you content with your life? What haven’t you experienced yet that you still want to? What would you miss if you died tomorrow? (you asked me three, so I ask you three).

  18. Blythe:

    Can’t believe i forgot to answer the tattoo question. I have two swallows forming a heart on my left forearm (one for each of the marathons I ran in the year after loosing the weight) and an owl on my right bicep (archibald, a sign of wisdom and my own “little owl” ala Athena). I’m soon to gain a pink and green giraffe on that arm, too. It’s my jungle arm.

    My best friend is definately a lot of people, but for geography’s sake, right now it is probably the amazing artist and illustrator Katie Cusack (she has a website, google her, she is great). She is my bestfriend bc I can say ANYTHING to her, because she sparks my strange side, and because she is awesome!

    My poetry writing process: I make myself write something, even something awful, every day in a little moleskin notebook or in my blog (honestly, most of what I blog are first drafts). Then I edit edit edit on an old manual typewriter (which forces me to re write the whole thing every time, which is GREAT for editing poetry) until I don’t want to change anything anymore. I adore the editing, I hate deciding if I’m done and if the names are right!

  19. Laura:
    I am and I’m not. I want a more creative day job. And more hugs. I am content that I know who I am.

    I’ve never been to Africa or seen the Pacific ocean, both of these are things I want to experience. and I want to live in a decent sized city at some point. And maybe even a year abroad. And I want my PhD….

    I want to do lots and lots. Oh, and I’ve never been published.

    If I were to die, I’d miss my friends and family, my dog, the wind in my face, sunsets, stars, late nights, early mornings, and the feel of skin.


  20. Deep questions:

    (I had these planned before your last response, but they kinda flow perfectly from it…)

    What do you think happens to our spirits/souls/internal persons when we die? When in your life have you felt most deeply loved? You’re good with talking about sex, are there any topics that are hard for you?

  21. Blythe:
    I’ve no clue what happens when we die. Heaven, hell, reincarnation, the abyss. I have not made a firm belief here.

    I felt most deeply loved, honestly and embarassingly, last spring and summer. But that is over.

    My own emotions and failings are hardest for me to talk about

  22. I wish you didn’t feel embarrassed over having felt loved in a situation that didn’t work out (I say that, having felt the same myself). My therapist says about such revelations: “You never know until you know, and even then, it’s hard to know.”

    More questions: Are there any groups of people you are prone (even a little bit) to prejudging? After your tough luck with your last relationship, are you more pessimistic about love?

  23. LK

    Why do you still love me? I’ve caused pain beyond belief (it goes BOTH ways), but you still do. Oh and am I best lover you’ve ever had? 😉

  24. the feel of skin. yes. with ya…

  25. “Lol. I can see that, but sex and also the emotional connection are both way better, for me (probably being a lesbian has a LOT to do with this) with women.”

    Uh, prolly.

    And that penetrating women thing, with you on that.

    ***parental advisory on the rest of this comment***

    When I masturbate I invariably, at some point during the whole affair, imagine myself as a man penetrating a woman. Not far in, just a tiny bit. I am not mean to her or rough with her. This is why I always joke about my invisible penis: It’s because I HAVE ONE.

    What does this all mean? Why am I wired the way I am? Do you see now that I am (literally) all fucked up?

    OK, bai. *waves and runs off*

  26. So, generalizing that penetrative sex doesn’t do “anything for anyone” is, well, wrong.

    Hey Laura! Quit yelling at me or I will thwack you with my invisible penis! I am prone to overgeneralizing and exaggeration. I often say things just to (heh) get a rise out of people. That’s why I always say “I’m just sayin’.” It’s because I am always just sayin’.

    (I’m just sayin’.)

  27. These comments and questions are great. Some of the best stuff I’ve read on blogs in a long time. Great honesty. It becomes you.

    I also want to ditto what Blythe sadi about honesty. I do what she does too, not outright lying, but misleading people into a wrong impression of me. Out of fear of rejection and wanting to please authority. I need a tattoo.

  28. lol, I agree that the honesty day concept made for great comments on everyone’s pages. And I say: only get a tattoo if you are ok with wanting more than one. You will. Either that or you will want it removed.

    That said, Blythe, from wayyy earlier yesterday…
    I am prone to prejudging many straight white men of a certain temperment/style. I can’t put my finger on what it is that unifies them, but certain straight white guys really bug me for no reason othern than they exist.

    Also: love and pessimism. I’m not sure. I’m still in a semi numb stage. I recently started visiting a counselor, though, and she says I am pessimistic about most things. (and, honestly, my inability to trust in the feelings that we had for one another, and her smiilar inability, was what ended it, so that is a form of pessimism too, right)

    Oh well…
    Are you pessimistic about love.

    And don’t you all feel like we’ve been sitting and having really deep get to know one another chats over coffee with all of this?

  29. LK.

    Oh, you do have a delicate turn of phrase.

    Love is mutable. When we love truely, that love changes with the environment and the facts.

    And I am the best lover I have ever had, thank you very much.

  30. Dana:

    I do not have the answers you are looking for, but I do have thoughts…

    I don’t think that sex and fantasy are necessarily things we actually want, but more things that we find intriguing. As artists and writers, we have a facination with experience, so fantasizing aout having a penis is a way to expand experience.

    Another good example, a gay male friend of mine who is also a painter loves lesbian porn. Nothing there for him, but he likes it. Also, lots of lesbians (not me, though I have known many) like gay porn.

    When I masterbate, I usually think about one of two things: Past experiences, but not as a whole, just as specific small parts, or being watched.

    That’s my little admission.

  31. Slynne, but I actually do have (and want) an invisible penis. And I like gay porn. I have even thought about fucking a guy with my invisible penis.

    This is not to discount my vagina. In fact, I shall have a little conversation with her now to make her feel better:

    Dana: Psst!

    Dana’s Vagina: I was sleeping!!! What do you want???

    Dana: I want you to know that I love you.

    Dana’s Vagina: And that couldn’t wait until I was awake?

    Dana: I am just trying to let you know that I care about you. I want you to feel wanted.

    Dana’s Vagina: Great. Thanks. Now put your pants back on and dim the lights.

    Dana: Sweet dreams!

  32. Wow. The honesty. Impressive, ladies.

    I think slynne asked me a question a while back, but now I can’t remember what it was. Suddenly all I can think of is penes.

  33. Oh! Am I pessimistic about love? For me, yes. I feel like it’s a club some people get invited to, and I will not. I think I’ve only been deeply in love once (and sorta still am) and the guy was a jerk. I love jerks. And they don’t love me.

  34. I fee like my vagina dialogue shut the conversation down. Sorry, Slynne. 😦

  35. Actually, you and your vagina are wonderful Dana, I think that commentary dried up because I got quiet.

    And Blythe, I love jerks, too. And they do not love me, either.

  36. As a matter of fact, as I am not an under ager either, I can say that I love your Vagina, too, Dana. I just love it from afar.

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