A young woman with enormous wings

She woke up. The sky was so blue she thought she could cut a piece of it off and suck on it. She thought it would dissolve bit by bit in her mouth. It would sustain her.

Years ago, she woke up, too. She woke to find wings had sprouted from her shoulder blades. When she woke to find these huge white wings, lept into the air. She thought she would soar up and away with a graceful leap of feet and beat of feathers. She leapt, she pumped her wings, she fell clumsily to the floor.

It took a year to learn to use them. Once she did, she was not enchanted with the effort, so she drifted to the ground and stayed there.

Until today. Today, the sky looks at her like need. Today, she will leap. Today, the effort will be worth it.


Filed under Frustrations and Rants, lust and love, Musings

3 responses to “A young woman with enormous wings

  1. am i imagining it, or isn’t there a famous short story called “an old man with enormous wings” or something like that?

    this is nice though, regardless.

  2. Yes, there is. It is a favorite of mine, hence the name. Though the old man story, as it is by Marquez, is 10,000 times better…

  3. i really loved the poem about a young women with enormous wings. i enjoy readind poems. you all should read this poem one day.

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