The dead

You have to see this, a photo collage on NYT that has pictures of every soldier killed in Iraq. Too moving. Here is a poem.

These dead

We have all been
a tomb
for your ashes,

you men and women
we will never know.

Where are your accolades, where
is your coffin? I never saw

any evidence of your existance,
save for a picture in the paper,
a uniform clad body, face stoic

or smiling. What choice
was it, what made it?

a quest for honor, a quest
for another life? Did you go
there to erase something
someone else did, was it the

sign on bonus? You live
in a world where no questions
are asked, no answers offered.

You lived, that is,
but now you are
another question.

Let me build you a pyer
out of anger and loss. Let me
turn you to ash with tears.

It is the least I can do
as you were sent to the
slaughter for naught.

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One response to “The dead

  1. that site is really interesting, the idea of it. i posted a little paragraph on my livejournal about it, but have yet to do a poem. i might…

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