It is too hot to write,
and my ex best friend
is talking about me to
people she knows I do
not like,

my dog is chewing
on things she shouldn’t,
and I am hungry,
I should just go and get
in the shower.

I need to go for a run,
or go and clean
the dishes
in the sink

there is money I have yet
to spend and
my sleep has not
been deep

I cannot sit so long
at the desk
and I do not
know what to say.

I’ll find
a way to write
some other day.


Filed under Frustrations and Rants, writing

3 responses to “excuses

  1. you wrote, but did you run?

  2. Why yes I did. And I ran again this morning!

  3. polkadotwitch

    good for you with the running. i very much need to get back to it. very much.

    and good for you with the writing. i like writing about writing. even though some people scoff at it. (people scoff at way too many things that are none of their damn business.)

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