Time and writing

I am ususally not the sort of person who has trouble finding time to write, but lately I am. I am way too busy, between work and trying to get some sort of exercize in every once in a while, and friends, and having a crazy dog, and spring, and heartbreak, I am having trouble with it all. I can’t nail down a spare moment to revise or write. I hate that I can’t.

Advice, my friends?


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4 responses to “Time and writing

  1. Sounds like you usually make the time, so you’re already way ahead of the rest of us slackers! But one book I’d recommend reading is the slim The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, a memoir of a man, paralyzed but for his left eye, who blinks out a book. Totally inspirational. It’s also a movie, and ever since I’ve seen it, I can’t bring myself to offer any excuses.

  2. emily

    I am not the person to offer advice on this, because I am very sporadic with my writing. I’ve been writing more recently, but I also have my phases of doing next to nothing.

    I guess just keep trying to fit it in, and know that it’s completely within your rights as a friend to say “I’m going to stay home tonight and write instead of hanging out.” I can’t speak for anyone else, but I won’t be offended if you do that. Just not on Mondays 😉

  3. I carry paper around with me all the time.
    I like scribbling on spare pieces of A4.

    And if not, i just have a pen and write things on my hand.

  4. i think for me the biggest thing is making time to READ poetry and the writing, more often than not, follows

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