More poetry

Over the weekend, I assigned Tennyson and Eavan Boland.

Today, though, I am assigning one of my all time favorites, Yusef Komunyakaa.

His voice is unique and perfect, just like the man. I love the way that he captures place in his words. The poem, I think it is called Salt, about the son of a servant and the rich woman’s daughter playing together is gorgeous and haunting.

The first of his books that I read was Talking Dirty to the Gods. It is a wonderful collection. Each poem has the same form; each poem looks at a single subject in a neatly twisted and slanted way. I adore Lust and also the poem about Maggots from this collection. You should really get it.


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3 responses to “More poetry

  1. emily

    Yusef Komunyakaa is someone else I’d never read before. I’m enjoying him, but I’m even more pleased you introduced me to Eavan Boland.

    Yay, poetry!

  2. I had to read a book about poetry, I believe it was called object lessons, and it was by Eavan Boland and Mark Strand, when I was in college.

    I love her irish women folk voice.

  3. Emily

    yes!!! i am familiar with mark strand, and ran across mentions of that book today.

    i just really really enjoyed her poems. (and i thought she was a dude – as you probably noticed yesterday when i said i couldn’t find “him” in my book – i had no clue… )

    but yeah, anyway, poetry = good.

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