Narcissus and Me

Typing the letters in on my phone,
eyes glued to the progress black symbols
make across the screen, I’m distracted

by my own eyes reflected there, like
that nymph bending over still waters

can I fall into these words
I am sending you, are my eyes
really like that, gray rings

of water from there the myth
fell into himself, fell into

trouble; my eyes are the color
of no color I have ever known, though
I have lived with them all my life

I can see now, why you fell
in love with me; why you would

lie across from me staring
into my face and brushing back
my hair


Filed under lust and love, Musings, poetry

3 responses to “Narcissus and Me

  1. prettybones

    I like this.

  2. i love this.. how strengthening it is to hear you admit that you are worthy of love.. i think that is something many of us struggle with every day… and just knowing that such a feeling does exist… is heartening…

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