More poets

Over the weekend, I had friends (or friend, perhaps) read:
Saturday: Edna St. Vincent Millay (she suited my working saturday with her longing romantic ways)
Sunday: Anne Sexton
Monday: Jane Hirshfield.

I have been reading the collection The Lives of the Heart because I noticed that my poet friend Jessica was reading it. In it, I have found poems that I already knew, and wondered about, but had forgotten. She has this great feel for nature and how it interacts with us as humans. Nature strongly represents nature in her poetry, and visa versa. She is wonderful.

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One response to “More poets

  1. Emily

    I enjoyed the weekend assignments. Anne Sexton made me want to write poems that rhyme, but don’t feel like they rhyme.

    And I enjoyed my first encounters with Hirshfield today. I might like to borrow that book from you at some point…

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