News and Poetry

Bees being transported to pollinate crops swarm California highway after accident. Passing beekeepers stop to help wrangle the buzzing mass.

Swan, Swan-boat break up after the swan found a new mate. Swan-boat to be returned to owner.

I am collecting news stories for future poetic use. Got any???


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3 responses to “News and Poetry

  1. Today I saw a tiny (white lettering on black) bumper sticker that said simply in all lower case:

    as cities burn

  2. emily

    the bumper sticker comment reminded me of something i’ve always wanted to write about – i once saw a woman driving a black cadillac (a new, glitzy one not an old, retro, cool one) with a personalized license plate that read “U LIED”

  3. great idea, both…news & bumper stickers. i just wrote a poem based on a radio story about a couple who used hair from their dead dogs for sweaters.

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