Bum Love Words

Yes, this was a search that reached my little corner of the internets. I’ve been wondering what type of bum is in question here. anywho…

She isn’t sure why, but lately, she is drawn to men with scraggled, dirty beards touching their chests. She longs to pull each piece of debris from the wiry hairs there. Whenever she passes a man on the street with a will anything for food sign, she has to stop herself from making an offer. She imagines how the man in a tobbogan cap and military jacket, holding a bottle in a paper bag with one hand and holding his penis in the other as he pees on the wall would look naked, sprawled on her crisp white sheets. Last week, she got drunk and kissed the bum who was sitting on the stoop beside the bar. He grabbed her ass in a most satisfactory way and tasted sour. Afraid of what might happen next, she turns to google…

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One response to “Bum Love Words

  1. Excellent work.
    It’s such an awesome idea
    the guilt and yet innocence of it.
    The fear of getting caught, doing something you shouldn’t. Oh yes!!!

    I read that as ‘burn love words’.
    That’s make an interesting one I think.

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