I’m working on short stories. I have decided to base them on things that people need, or things we think or really do have to have. some things my friends and I have thought of to include are as follows:

Sex, companionship, work, money, activity, games, language, home, clothing, belonging, friends, love, beliefs, morals, ..

There was more, too. I’m exploring what need means to each of us. What is need. It is somthing that we have to have for survival. It can be something we really, really, really want. We want it so bad that it aches in the center of our chest.

What are the things you need? I’ll say a little something so that you all won’t need to be too shy…

I need touch. I need to kiss someone now and then. I need to feel your weight resting on top of me. I need to laugh. I need to shout at the top of my lungs. I need to write it all down. I need to see what is in front of me. I need amnesia and strawberry cake. I need hampster nuggets and good pens. I need a computer and money and a trainer for my dog. I need a carpet cleaning machiene. I need phone calls and whispers. I need hands and legs. I need to remember.


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2 responses to “Shorties

  1. Your paragraph of what you need is a short story in itself, beautiful.

    I guess what I need most of all is time.

    Time to myself. Time to write. Time to think. Time to find my way out of here, if that’s possible. Time to figure out if it is even possible. Time to just sit somewhere and not do a single thing.

  2. Thanks, Nova. Time is really important. To work, to relationships, to getting stains out of carpet. Right now, I need time for everything, but I can’t seem to fit any of it in. I wish things were simple again like they were last spring!

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