Goings on

Dear ones

I have been busy. I have been lax in writing. I have been reading. I need to clean my apartment, which may just be starting to smell. I am cold. I am getting fat because I need to go running. I need to go running lots, but it is always too dark outside once I get going. Ny fingers are cold right now. I miss you, every one.

I also really miss having a computer. It is hard for me to think poetry without one. I’m currently obsessed with the NYT. I have to know what is going on in Pakistan every minute of every day since Bhutto’s assasination.

Recently, I watched Stranger than Fiction again. I love that movie. It reminds me that fate is never fate. We can always change what is about to come next. I love that he chooses the boy over himself, but his benevolent narrator then decides that a guy that great is worth sacrificing a hugely important and beautiful piece of literature for. Just to habve him alive.

I want to be that sort of person. I want people to be willing to do things like that for me. I think I could start by actually doing my job right now, and then writing a poem or two. Also working on short stories. We’ll see how those go.


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3 responses to “Goings on

  1. I agree.
    I love that movie,
    for all the above reasons.

    And it has a pretty amazing cast too.
    Emma Thompson.

  2. blythe

    I’ve been missing you! Write when you can, because I always love it. I feel like the first paragraph could be my own. Also, the third.

  3. i need to see that movie. i haven’t yet.

    so i started a six week poetry class last night at the local writers’ center and i dont’ know where it comes from but all of the angst and panic of being in a class totally came back when i even thought about starting on our first assignment. so of course i didn’t start yet. ah, procrastination. this means i will actually be working on things the next few weeks though….small steps…..

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