I am alive

I’m having a little trouble with inspiration and time and stick-to-it-ive-ness this year. That and I do nothing but work and pine for someone.

I’m working on:

the Red Riding Hood poem
the birthday word list poem
getting off my ass

I think I’m just feeling left behind today.


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4 responses to “I am alive

  1. I know your birthday is somewhere around this day, probably the 5th or 7th. (I just remember yours was near mine.
    Happy birthday!

  2. Thanks, and right back at you. (the fourth!)

  3. Been there, felt that! Keep on plugging! And pining…take it from one who pined more than a forest, it’s never worth it!

  4. polkadotwitch

    don’t feel bad. just jump back in. i missed the red riding hood poem. i just never got a chance to do it. i’ll keep it on the long long list though of things i want to write. maybe one day it will find me.

    nice to hear from you and happy birthday!!!

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