Word Lust

What I want from all of you are words. I want everyone who reads this blog between now and my birthday (January 4) to post a word in the comments section.

What I’ll do with it, you’ll have to wait and see.

In other news, I love words. I was working on a poem in my head as I wrote a grant just now, and I was thinking about words. thats all I want for Christmas, my Birthday, all I want of love are words. When I’m angry with someone, *hint hint* its usually because I feel a lack of words.

The poem in my head started with all I want from you are words. Words that fall like pebbles or float like petals in a calm mirrored sea.

I was thinking about this possible poem, whe words were washing and swishing around, repeating in my head the way only a poem can. (Funny, I almost wrote heart there, would that have been better?) But then, my sestina reared up. I like my sestina. It keeps sounding way too much like that Plath poem about the runaway horse, though. That annoys me. Oh, well..


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10 responses to “Word Lust

  1. blackeyedsusan


  2. duration

    and Happy Birthday!

  3. There were a lot of -tion’s in there.

    I’m working on it. Thank you all!

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