A little writers block, and what I started writing for the poetry chalenge last week was just too sprawling to finish yet. So, here is my three pieces of me poem…

I can’t write as well as I used to, the blank
stare of another page is no longer a promise
or refuge. I see guilt there now. I see
no pleasure because I am no longer churning

poem after poem out into a deaf world.
Now, the words trickle, they start and stop
like when I finally started talking around two,
when all sound was new, and I barely got used

to it all before it started to dampen again. And later,
I grew up and noticed how lovers let go
in stages. I noticed how allegiance
is deteriorated a little at a time, and every

piece I give up is not a piece I should,
but fighting for them is too hard, and letting
go of the rotten ones is too easy, and then
there is that one that can’t break into

these quatrains, and that is the one
I want gone most of all.

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One response to “Write.Speak.Love

  1. We all go thorough it. It will pass. Don’t worry much about it.

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