A Christmas List

A box full of quiet
and an empty washer
at the laundromat,
a crate of hugs,
a top that stops spinning
whenever anyone lies,
a vintage bike, a handkerchief
that makes me quit
crying whenever it touches
my eyes. A joke book
that will always make
me laugh, nights and nights
and nights of bad dancing
without caring, friendship
necklaces for the whole city,
a new tattoo, familial
acceptance, and love,
inspiration, ice cream,
unfattening, you.


Filed under lust and love, Musings, poetry

5 responses to “A Christmas List

  1. wow. this is amazing. i read the first 6 lines over and over before going on. They made me realize a sadness within me…

  2. LK

    This is good, but it still doesn’t tell me what you want dammit!!

  3. thanks, Brian. I’m sorry that it brought up your sad-ies, though.

    And my dear LK, you know me well enough. You know I can never ask for anything.

  4. Wonderful poem. I loved every line but this one blew me away: “a top that stops spinning
    whenever anyone lies”. (Know that my top is spinning.)

  5. emily

    just re-read this today. it’s so sweet and sad and happy and wonderful! kinda like you…..

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