So, I got a great prompt at read write poem: take all your anxieties and write them into a poem. I like it. I’m a pretty anxious lady. So, here’s my poem!


I am in the dark. I am the cracks
between basement stairs where I
might slip and choke to death.
I am lost in the woods and the ants
have eaten all the breadcrumbs. I
I am love love love stuck between
your gnashing teeth when all else
is devoured. I’m the last empty
table at the coffee shop and your third
in line. I’m the friend I have
a crush on who doesn’t feel the same
way, so I blush whenever we talk,
and I feel stupid, so I quit
calling and quit answering
and hide for a while and nothing is ever
the same again. I’m your dog
that just won’t quit barking. I’m fat.
I’m vaginally shaped scars on trees
in dark parks spouting gnomes.
I’m the painting of a sad eyed cat
that hung on the bedroom wall of
your childhood home and came alive
whenever you tried to sleep. I’m lurking.


Filed under Frustrations and Rants, lust and love, poetry, readwritepoem

5 responses to “Anxiety

  1. katie

    i love this. i’m glad i read this one first.

  2. Thanks, Katie. I love that you’re reading!

  3. Ah, I may have to steal that idea and write my own. Your poetry is lovely. I’ve read before but not commented. See you soon?

  4. Emily! I’m shocked. Another person I actually know who reads this. Thank you for the comment. I wonder if you are coffee-ing tonight?

  5. tim dyson

    What about this poem is supposed to inspire? It does not ring true. Simply running lines together does not a poem make. It’s not lovely nor is it very interesting.

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