Her feeling poem

She followed the dierctions beneath the squares
with pictures of a woman in thick black outline
and pastels. She lie on her back, she warmed
her fingers, and, with fingertips close together,
she slowly probed her breast in circles from
the outside in. She couldn’t help but think
of how her mother told her not to touch
herself like that when she was in fifth grade
and her breasts were pushing at her shirts
and she would reach up beneath them
to jiggle the new fat. Now, there
are little pamphlets to help her learn
how to do this thing she was told not to.


Filed under Musings, Searchers

2 responses to “Her feeling poem

  1. LK

    While one should not be turned on by this, you are slightly, until you realize its’ real subject.

  2. This is so clever. It draws you in, until you can’t stop looking. Well done.

    In the very beginning, “She followed the directions…” I thought she was going somewhere. Maybe, to tighten a bit, you might want to add something like “printed instructions” or something to indicate not directions as in location, but directions as in instructions. Does that make sense?

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