This morning, I posted a poem that reffers to another poem I have written. When I wrote the poem, I thought about editing that bit out. I thought it a bit too much. I’m not an ego person, really… I’m not. However, I left it in, and then got the bright idea to link it to the previously published poem. And then I got to thinking…

WordPress rocks. it is opening a new artistic avenue for me even as we speak. Think about it, non-linear poetry. Poems that link to other poems, to other poems, to other poems. I love it.

What do you think!?


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2 responses to “Experimentation

  1. polkadotwitch

    ooooh. i really like this idea. i love it in group workshops when someone reads their piece and then the person who goes next goes next b/c they see a thread connecting their poem to the first poem. and on and on.

    so this could happen, not just within a poet’s own work but as collaboration.

  2. Precisely, polkadot! I love the ffedback you’ve diven on this and on the poem itself. When I started thinking about it yesterday, I thought it would be like a map that could show everything.

    I love the visual of a poet’s images being like a constellation map. I need to think about this more. I completely agree about it working for collaboration, as well!

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