A need…

I need a little more rythm, a little more of a schedule to my writing. I’m working on mapping it all out, balancing social life, work, and insanity. Here’s where I want to be

Poetry readings at Larry’s Bar

a little revision time, if I want it


two new poems

revise those fuckers

Work on poetry over breakfast

9-noon, all poetry, all the time…

But this is my current schedule

work on a little poetry at the office when I shouldn’t be



guilty office poetisizing

get drunk and listen to bad bands

plan on writing tomorrow. Go for a long walk with puppy and think about poetry

clean and pretend I will write next week.

Oh, me, Oh, my.

PS. look up Agent Ribbons on Myspace. They rock my world. They were and actual GOOD band I went to see a while ago.


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6 responses to “A need…

  1. this is exactly my problem also. it’s very frustrating. i seem to only write nowadays when i’m using it to procrastinate doing something else…i.e. writing while at the office…sometimes i try and trick myself, like giving myself the option to write or clean the house and i’ll write because i really don’t want to clean….but sometimes none of it works….

  2. polkadotwitch

    it’s funny that you’re doing a schedule. i’ve been trying to create one too b/c i feel out of balance. and i feel like i’m wasting time and can’t stand to do that.

    i also like the candor of your “actual” schedule. we should go out some friday night. 🙂

  3. LK

    I love how I’m not included in any of this. Oh wait, I’m demanding. =P

  4. LK

    I meant your balancing act for life.

  5. Great idea for a schedule. I need one, too. I have the wasting time bug. I think about lists, but never actually make them. WOuldn’t it be great if there was a “Super Nanny” for poets, a fairy godpoet who would come in and make you up a whole chedule in eraseable marker on an eraseable board?

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