I am trying

I am desperately trying to fall out of love. Pulling away from it, bit by bit. My loyalty and steadfastness are proving to be a problem. Love clings to me like one of those bugs with hooked, sharp feet. when I try to pull it off, it clings and pulls at my surfaces the way those bugs pull on my shirts.

For me, trying means I need new friends, more friends. People who want to go to poetry readings, people who like to draw, people who want to go for a run or read in the sunshine.

I’m on a roll, come be my friend.


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8 responses to “I am trying

  1. Oh, and playing guitar hero in bars, people who like to do that are pretty good, too.

  2. here’s a poem i have enjoyed (and still do) when in a similar state of mind….


  3. I love those bugs, but I know what you mean about wanting to get them off you and them not really wanting to get off you. The friends and the poetry all sound like good things.

  4. Love the bug analogy.

    Keep rolling.

  5. Oooooh I feel some good poetry coming on.

    And YES! to the Guitar Hero.
    My friend, who plays the double bass and organ,
    is UNREAL at that game.
    It’s more than a little scary.

  6. polkadotwitch

    do online friends count? i not only write, but i jog, too. maybe we could be dorky and make a music mix and both jog to it some day from far away. would that be friendly-like? (b/c my friendly advances have been known to be a bit creepy. ask ceridwen and jill)

    … and then maybe we could be thinking about poetry while we jog and come back and post what we came up with. 🙂

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