Now, I am single

Once my heart sang.
Once, my heart.
once mine.


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8 responses to “Now, I am single

  1. split ends

    Oh… I’m so sorry to read this. 😦

  2. Please know that you are valued in many ways by many different people. Perhaps our notion of that one special person is inherently flawed. I’d rather be alone than miserable.

  3. but worse yet:
    to be alone and miserable

  4. I can not dispute that.

    When I have gone through rejection, I listen to the blues. Not the “poor me” kind but,rather, the “fuck you let me pack your bags” kind. It reminds me how universal and pervasive breakup is. It happens to the best of people.

    Romantic relationships are so very fragile. They start in biochemical reverie and end with rank baggage strewn all over the stage of courtship.

    I believe personal growth and happiness happen outside and/or despite romance.

    Best wishes slynne. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  5. And personal hygiene.
    That’s important too.

  6. Z- I agree, personal hygiene is important. Luckily, I am obsessed with toiletries and perfumes.

    Q – thanks for the thoughts. I do like that sort of blues, too.

    And finally, my dear splits – don’t be sorry, it’s surely for the best, thank you

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