On not working

I should really post an old poem or something. I haven’t produced anything good in a month. Sometimes, posting something old will jumpstart new work.

When I was in college and writing three poems a week, I often typed the poetry and song lyrics of artists I admired in order to jump-start creativity. I think I typed the Gillian Welsh album, “Hell Among the Yearlings” something like three whole times.

Question: Why isn’t the internet free? Seriously. I know that there are ways to get “free” internet (I’m participating in one now at Panera, where they have free wi-fi), but why isn’t it just mandated as “free” if you have a computer and modem?

Think about it, all the advertizing, commerce, information sharing that happens via the internet. It pays for itself, so why should we have to pay for it as well? I am sure that those of you out there who are more tech savy know some reasoning or another for it, but is it really justifiable to have internet consumers pay?

Of course, I can’t remember the last time I bought something online, so I can’t really say that I pay into that aspect of the internet, but still, I can’t help but think that all this sharing, thru blogs and email, and all the ads there are involved, (look at the thousands of ads that they pack into the headers of myspace). Doesn’t all of that advertising revenue more than pay for my hour and a half of usage? I’m just saying.

So, ponderings like these are keeping me from writing more poetry, from researching for the interview I have this week, from sorting out my emotional life. Oh goodness…

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