Family Time

Ohhhh, reunions. I just got done with one. It was not as awkward as I expected. A lot of people wanted to see my tattoo. One particularly older conservative great aunt hd a LOT of questions about it, and none of them were in the, “what the hell were you thinking,” vien.

There were cousins there that I haven’t seen in forever and wasn’t expecting to see, which was particularly nice. I love love love them. My cousin Mary is a social worker, too, and just finishing college. She is so smart and caring, and one of my ultimate favorite people. My aunt Robin was there, too. When I was little, I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I still want that.

As for another post I did recently, I’ve decided that I actually value the person as a friend, so I sent her a note that I’d like to go on with the plans. LK admitted that having said person have some sort of loyalty to me probably would make me safer. This is both good, and it sucks.

I sold my old laptop yesterday. It was a piece of shit, and I hope they don’t need to bring it back.

My puppy will be living with me in a week!

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