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I’ve been reading Germinal for the thrid time in 12 years lately. I’ve really been enjoying it. This is the first time I’ve read it since I took that workshop in union organizing back in college, so I keep thinking about the things they taught us. How much of it was ingrained into union culture back in the days of mining strikes such as these? When the company man comes to break up the meeting with Pluchart and the company tries to dissuade Mahue from participating with the worker’s fund, I thought of that hour I once spent wandering around a Wal Mart and trying to talk to workers about unions. We were followed by management and all we had to do was utter the letters “AFL-CIO” so set a worker to staring at his hands. One of my confrence-mates was taken away in handcuffs.

I also think about the people in my class, who have been tortured by bad bosses. I feel a bit guilty about it, but I also think of my own situation: a boss who says I have no right to a lunch break, who jeers at my dress, who is rude and treats me like an unruly child. (She once told me my signature is not neat enough.)

I love little Jeanlin, too. Mischeavious and monkey-like.

I also just finished Harry Potter (which I was, admitedly, slow to obtain.) I loved it, but will not write about it until everyone I know has read it.

In other news, I was watching a special on SNL last night. Have I ever mentioned how desperately I love Gilda Radner (even if I do spell her name wrong)? In a clip, she says, “Dreams are like paper, they tear so easily.” Love Love Love

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