Yet another Poem

It’s buzzing in my peripheral vision,
small, round, yellow and trecherous,
I remember how my great grandfather

was unafraid. How he went to the hive
uncovered, wearing the same short sleaved
buttoned up sirt and grey slacks he wore
to church on Tuesday nights. Watching

him, the skin on his arm alive with a living
coat, I could feel the sting, a thousand little
stings for him. I’m watching just one now
and my breath stills, and I don’t know

what to do, so I remember those afternoons
sitting near the tire tower where he grew
strawberries. And I’m not sure if I recall

washing my hair in a bucket on the porch,
or if I just remember all the pictures of it.

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One response to “Yet another Poem

  1. This is a VERY interesting topic for a poem (and also for a short story). A strong, central image (the hive) within a narrative (re: your great grandfather) which the reflection/meandering of the speaker is all about.

    I like the layers. I sense a versatility to this piece wherein you can still play a bit with the choice for a speaker, the perspective, the style, etc. ^_^ Cheers.

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