Found in Translation

There is a post on this page called “Sexy Sweaty Armpits” that gets a lot of traffic. I always expect to see it on the list of things that have been looked at on my page. Today, though, there is a link that someone used to find this post that looks like a google translator from english to portuguise. I found it very interesting to look around at my poetry translated. Fascinating, actually.

I was also amused that this person had found my site looking for this odd kink that I actually know nothing about.

Sex is something that connects cultures, though, so I guess it’s not suprising. I mean, kink and fetishes are lustings that are often looked down upon by multiple cultures, so it brings diverse people together.

I was once with a guy who really wanted to take me to a swingers club. He said that I would be a saught after commodity there because I am a younger woman who independantly likes, excuse my French, the pussy. I never was persuaded, but I found that facinating.

I used to be very, very fat. Like, 5’5, 325 lbs fat. I could go days without ANYONE talking to me. A friend of mine went to Ghana, and he said that they would think I was beautiful there, so pale and huge. I thought he was maybe exagerating their love of larger gals, but then I met a Ghanain guy who was all about hitting on me. I found it discomforting to be prized for something about myself that I abhorred. Other people, though, thought I should date him just because he was the only person offering.

I’ve recently discovered that I like people who are brash and who will say things that make me want to hide my face. These people usually like that I am so quiet in public. Maybe we are all attracted to the things that make our partners embarrassed. Maybe this has to do with us feeling better about the things we consider to be our shortcomings.

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