Applying myself

I haven’t been writing too much interesting poetry lately, so I’ve decided to finally buck up and apply to grad school. I’ve been filling out my application for the last hour. I forgot how hard it is to remember things like GPA and all that.

I’m espscially having trouble coming up with references. I’ve finally gotten ahold of one of my old teachers from my bachelor’s program. I need two more. I’m thinking someone from the Larry’s forum I frequent and one other. Any good ones out there? Seriously, are any of you willing to say I’d be worth it?


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3 responses to “Applying myself

  1. ooh fun 🙂 where are you applying?

    i’d like to do grad school but it probably won’t happen for another couple years or so…

  2. splitends

    How exciting. I am trying to figure out if/when to apply to (which) school. If that makes any sense.

    I’d write a letter on your behalf, except it would not help your cause, and might harm it.

  3. I do so appreciate the offer, though, splits!

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