I’m having a little personal trouble lately. Everything is going to be fine, but I’ve been feeling off. It’s about to turn around. A part of it is that I’ve been feeling lonely and abandoned. I don’t anymore, though. Sometimes, it takes getting the wind knocked out of you to knock it back in.

This weekend, I am moving into a new place. I’m sitting in it right now, using LK’s computer and testing for free wifi (found it). I feel as though I am very high up. (third floor apt, so I am). It’s quiet just because there are not people passing just outside the windows.

After the times I’ve been having, one tends to have a lot of questions for the people around them. One can also be afraid to ask them. There are so many reasons for this fear. We may not be sure that knowing will really make us feel better. We may think that we are burdening other people we care about unduly by asking them these questions. We may wonder what questioning says about us at all.

It seems strange to me that I could be so at peace with things when there are all these questions floating about. Just when I should be so uncertain, I am sure.

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