Social Work

As long as there is no kicking,
I can take your screaming,
your cursing, these words
and names you want to hit
like barbs in my skin. I haven’t
given you enough of myself
for any of it to matter. Of you,

though, I know everything, because
I handed you a list of questions
the first day we met. I know what
you use to brush your teeth, who
you last slept with, what you think
of your mother, why you left
your last job. I know everything,

but you’ll find that I’ll never use it
when you shout at me this way,
your anger raising in your eyes,
your flesh warm and perspiration
collecting in your body’s hollows.

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One response to “Social Work

  1. splitends

    hey! you left me a comment about the travel blog. i don’t want to leave links to it because i’m paranoid about my anonymous blog becoming not-anonymous. probably silly. but if you email me, i’d be happy to email you the link…

    splitends88 at gmail dot com

    also, i see you’ve been busy while i was gone! can’t wait to catch up more when i have time to do more than skim…

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