An Open Letter to Everyone I’ve Ever Let Down

June 7, 2007

I’m not sure what
our story is, but that’s
probably a good bit
of the problem
did I forget to meet
you in a park? Did I try
lamely, or leave the party
earlier than you wanted?
Did you build
of sensual excitement
and wonder in your mind,
only to balk when you discovered
we were in a rut?

I’m sure I told you,
as I told all
the others
that I am bound
to dissapoint. There will be
weeks, even months and years when
I forget to call, to stop in,
and nights when I just
don’t want to anything.
It all started
with pumpkin carving dates, nights
of endless talk, getting wipped
in a leather bar where neither
of us had ever been. It was
exciting for you, and you wondered
if I was your muse, or if you were
You couldn’t know
then, you couldn’t know that
to me, a professional novitate,
everything I do is new.

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Filed under Frustrations and Rants, lust and love, Musings, poetry

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