Drunk Typing

Today, I woke up way earlier than I wanted to because my phone was ringing ringing ringing. I answered, and it was my mother telling me that she had found the savings bond that I won in a learning fair when I was in third grade. She gave me the numbers for it, and it turned out that it was only with about $9 more than it had been. Mainly because they dock it $25 for cashing it out “early”. Grrr. I went to see my sister show, and she got excused after one trip around the ring for her horse being lame. I’ve been messing around on the internet a lot today. I’m tired and watching the Princess Diaries.

Earlier, my mom came to take me out to dinner. I had a mojito. I am dru-unk. Drunk typing. I want to obtain and read the new Harry Potter, I can’t wait.

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