On skipping naps

I was tired at work today. I longed for a nap. The last two days have been harried and hurried. LK and I have been helping a dear friend move. We had a wonderful evening together. There was candle light and chatter. And my now famous cheesy chicken with artichoke hearts.

Wonder has a price, though, and I was tired today. For once, my class was not crazy. People participated, they did what I asked. They acted as though it all made sense and was not elementary. I was agitated over the time sheets.

I came home planning to sleep, but we all know that I can’t nap alone. LK, ever thoughtful, left her lap top to get me thru another lonely weekend. My mother says she will visit. She won’t.

I’ve been having a rough time lately. I’ll get over it. Lk has been a huge help. Thank you.

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