A note on letter poems

I started writing my letter poems about four years ago in my senior year of college. I started with a poem to someone I actually knew. It was an actual letter, and I wrote it in poem form. Then, I started writing poems to people I imagined. I started writing poetry for imaginary artifacts. I like the letter poem because I feel a closer connection to audience when I write letter poems, as though I am actually talking to someone.

Part of the problem of being an unpublished poet is that one constantly has a feeling that is similar to literary masturbation. It’s nice and all, but it is ultimately not as fulfilling as something else we can imagine. The letter poem lets me imagine that more than 10 people are going to read my work. I like it.


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4 responses to “A note on letter poems

  1. literary masturbation, huh? Yeah, I buy that, and that much of are are doing it. I’m also am intrigued by your letter poem idea. I have written just one (it was to myself and 8 words long).. perhaps I will soon attempt another.

  2. Hmmmmm.
    Shall have to try….

  3. Hey there, all, thanks for the great comments…

    Brian, I keep trying to comment on your blog, but I have no google account or blogger account, so I can’t. I really liked your recent poem about tires rolling down the street reminding you of yourself. It was lovely to think of all the ways that this could be, because one feels used, cast aside, lost, without moorings. Great I reccomend that everyone check him out.

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